Carlo's Roadmap 1 Update

May 21, 2024

Hi guys,

It's been about a month since we revealed our roadmap.
Here's a list of things we gone and did in that first month!

We'll release a Roadmap 2.0 Soon (by end of week).

  •  Delivering a successful launch - DONE

  • Ensuring broad tradeability and presence across most mainstream wallets - Zerion, Rainbow, Uniswap Wallet, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Arena, and others - DONE

  •  Fine-tuning DEXTools, DEXScreener - DONE

  •  Apply for Coingecko – DONE

  •  Apply for CoinMarketCap – DONE

  •  Initiating conversations with prominent CEXs - DONE

  •  Holding our first community space on X to field questions, build hype, and share vision  - DONE

  • Deploy LP Mining Rewards, SIngle Token Staking - DONE

  •  Arrange AMA with MadApes – DONE

  •  Arrange long-term partnerships with KOLS – DONE

  • Releasing our next 2D and 3D Carlo animations so you can find out more about him and the madcap adventures he gets up to - DONE

  •  Host another Community Space on X - DONE

  • Evolve content into a full-fledged Carlo animated series - DONE

  • Expanding Carlo’s social presence onto TikTok and Instagram to build his web 2.0 fan base - DONE

  • Tease animated properties for the broader Carloverse - DONE

  •  The Carlo animated series is now in full swing with social channels building followers - DONE

  • Launch CarloSwap - Our very own Dex - DONE

  • Launch our first toy - Carlo Plushie is in production

We also manged to unsuspended from Twitter in a record 3 Days - We're in direct contact with Guiness to claim our world record.