Carlo's First Roadmap

Apr 26, 2022

Hi guys,

 It's been 48 hours since we launched and it's been a rollercoaster ride.

 We’ve given you a little glimpse of Carlo’s world through the first 2D and 3D animations, but this is very much only the beginning.

As you may be realising – Carlo is not a typical meme project. In fact, in the team we don’t call it a meme project – we are building an entertainment brand with the Carlo “theme token” as its currency.

Think of your favourite adult animated series – Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty … push it further and you start to get an idea of where we are heading. Building a brand that people will love, takes time. We all know in crypto – investors want results fast, so to show our appreciation we will be rewarding diamond hands as a central part of our development.

 As well as sharing our overall vision we want to share our first month roadmap. We’ll be updating this every couple of weeks so you can keep an eye on our progress and ensure we stay on track.

 In the future, we want $CARLO to be a way for every community member to tap into their creative potential and grow with us.

 Week 1
  •  Delivering a successful launch - DONE

  • Ensuring broad tradeability and presence across most mainstream wallets - Zerion, Rainbow, Uniswap Wallet, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Arena, and others - DONE

  •  Fine-tuning DEXTools, DEXScreener - DONE

  •  Apply for Coingecko – DONE

  •  Apply for CoinMarketCap – PENDING

  •  Initiating conversations with prominent CEXs - DONE

  •  Holding our first community space on X to field questions, build hype, and share vision  - DONE

  • Share plans and optimally deploy LP Mining Rewards, SIngle Token Staking, & NFT Staking for the community & health of the project's liquidity - PENDING

  • Build & deploy a Farcaster Frame specific to claims for the Farcaster community, likely with some special benefits for existing holders - PENDING

  •  Arrange AMA with MadApes – DONE: This will be held on Saturday April 27th at 2pm UTC

  •  Arrange long-term partnerships with KOLS – DONE

  •  Arrange first project partnership - with Sugar Kingdom Odyssey - DONE


Week 2

In week 2 we will shift focus towards a goal of more holders and higher token price/market cap by way of engaging a combination of partners & community members to build, build, build as we do the same. The thesis for this week will be to open up the magic of Carlo to the broader web3 community.

  • We will be releasing our next 2D and 3D Carlo animations so you can find out more about him and the madcap adventures he gets up to.

  •  Release a Genesis NFT with staking utility, tightly themed to the Carlo aesthetic/intentions

  •  Host second X community space and first Farcaster AMA in the channel

  •  Host AMAs with more of the largest channels on Telegram

  •  Launch meme competition to using Carlo stickers, with profit sharing

  •  Whitelist $CARLO to as a usable token to incentivize onchain action

  •  Deploy our own first swap-specific boost to post whitelisting

Week 3
  • Community space #3 - sharing updated roadmap

  • Large-scale platform AMAs

  • 2D and 3D animation as we start to evolve into the Carlo animated series

  • Expanding Carlo’s social presence onto TikTok and Instagram to build his web 2.0 fan base

  • Tease animated properties for the broader Carloverse

  • Deploy dev & creative bounties/grants on Carlo site, inviting community to create around $CARLO

  • Partnerships with e-commerce projects to make $CARLO broadly usable across e-commerce platforms


Week 4

As we enter the last week of the project's first month post launch, the team will begin to expand the Carlo footprint even further by way of trusted partners/community members, as well as announce the winning participants of several initiatives laid out in the weeks prior. This will culminate in the publication of an enhanced roadmap document that indicates project direction over the coming quarters!

  •  The Carlo animated series is now in full swing with social channels building followers

  • Bring in 3rd party token projects to launch joint pools (several already interested!)

  • Release month 1 post-mortem to community to discuss

  • Deliver new round of posting assets & direction to KOL community

  • Announce winners of initial grants, bounties, & meme contest 

  • Launch CarloSwap - Our very own Dex


*Note CEX listings can be made at any time when our volume and number of holders justifies. We have many offers to list but will only do so when it benefits our community to do so.